Introducing Cred:

The Universal Cryptocurrency

Mobility is the only path towards universal application.
We enable access to over 2.4 billion smart phone users.
Share amongst another 2.4 billion gamers.

Credits is a universal term for monetary value that knows no bounds. The world is constantly evolving with advancements made on several fronts daily. It’s time for an evolution in the cryptocurrency market as well.

Cred is a universal cryptocurrency with its own App. Cred simplifies crypto. For most people, buying crypto is a complex process. With our intuitive mobile App buying, sending and receiving Cred couldn’t be easier.

Buying and using Cred supports renewable energy and sustainable projects. We will be involved in Solar, wind and agricultural projects all earning residual income to stimulate the Cred ecosystem.

Renewable resources backed by Crypto. Cred will traverse the realms of commerce, gaming and gambling.

We will be developing our own merchant technology where merchants can cash out credits directly into Fiat.

We will be working with game developers to integrate Cred into a usable in game currency that you can export from the game. Imagine being able to cash out your in game currency into real fiat.

It’s no secret. Slot machines calculate your earnings in Credit. We will be working with casino software development companies to implement Cred into online gambling so when you lose you donate.


Executive Summary

Although bitcoin is essentially the pioneer of cryptocurrency it is time for a vast improvement in the overall technology. Bitcoin is way to slow even by today’s standards and it’s very confusing for a newbie to comprehend. Bitcoin doesn’t support anything tangible and is highly inefficient for people to convert bitcoin into cash.

Cred will solve these issues by making our own user friendly intuitive platform for buying, selling and cashing out of credits. Cred is its own cryptocurrency capable of lightning-fast speeds. Transfer of Cred will be instantaneous throughout our platform which is now live on the Google Play Store and on the Apple Store as well.

Cred are unique because they will be backed by renewable energy and sustainable projects. This will provide residual income to further improve the Cred ecosystem. In order to achieve liquidity of Cred we will be negotiating with many major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cred will have its own blockchain which is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks (the most recent transactions) are recorded and added to it in chronological order.


Executive Summary

Blockchain that displays transactions, not total balances.

Cred will have its own blockchain which is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks (the most recent transactions) are recorded and added to it in chronological order.

Having our own blockchain allows market participants to keep track of Cred transactions without central record keeping. Each Node (a computer connected to the network) gets a copy of the blockchain, which is downloaded automatically. The bitcoin blockchain displays the current balance of any wallet address. The Cred blockchain will not display your balance publicly, only the transactions.

Cred will use the CryptoNight algorithm which is extra anonymous outside of our platform yet fully recoverable within our platform. CryptoNight uses a CPU based algorithm for easy processing via our mobile miner integration. No need for fancy mining equipment.


Problems Worth Solving

"Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines"


The current speed of bitcoin to send and receive is approximately 15 minutes to 1 hour
and a half In September of 2017 there were a
few instances where confirmation of a single
bitcoin transaction on the blockchain took over 1000 minutes to process.
take up to 15 minutes.


Many people are confused with how to send and receive bitcoin and even more issues arise when people try to purchase bitcoin. If someone loses their bitcoin wallet address it is gone forever.


Bitcoin is backed by absolutely nothing. only carries value due to supply and demand, the Blockchain ic;elf as well as the anonymity
it embraces. Recently bitcoin was nearing
$5000 then dropped down to $3200 all
because people panicked and decided to
power sell as they know it’s not backed by
like this prevent a newcomer from entering the cryptocurrency arena.


Cashing bitcoin out is confusing. You must export your bitcoin into an online wallet and wait 2-3 business days for your funds to arrive. This is all after a tedious time-consuming process that can take days just to get approved.


The Solution

Cred is an intuitive platform and cryptocurrency that
supports renewable energy and sustainable projects.

The solution to these problems is the creation of a new cryptocurrency called Cred with its own easy to use intuitive crossplatform environment. Cred will have its own network servers to ensure speed and stability supplemented by its users to ensure reliability. People will be able to buy Cred directly through the platform. Our own dedicated network will enable lightning-fast transaction speeds throughout the network including outside of our platform.

Efficiency and ease of use are imperative to avoid a burdensome and confusing ordeal. Cred makes it easy to enter the cryptocurrency arena because you can buy Cred directly through the Cred platform. You can send and receive Cred to your wallet address simply by sharing your registered Cred email address with users.

No need to try to remember or find those pesky wallet addresses. You will always be able to find your wallet address through our App as soon as the Cred cryptocurrency is released for import and export capability. You can download our App directly from our website at

Volatility is one thing that drives cryptocurrency investors crazy. This is without a doubt a highly fluctuating market. Cred aims to minimize volatility by investing in green energy and sustainable projects that earn residual income. The income generated from those projects will enable us to improve our technology thus generating cashflow in the tech arena as well. By implementing multiple revenue streams in the form of GREEN PROJECTS and TECH.


The Solution Continued

Easy Cash Out

You will be able to cash out your Cred after we are listed on an exchange. This means we will add the import and export function of Cred to the App. We will be negotiating aggressively with all major cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure the liquidity of Cred. You will be able to convert your Cred into cash directly from our platform and withdraw into your bank account. This feature should be available in December 2018.

To achieve these objectives, Cred will be having an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for early users. The offering will provide users with a virtual currency known as Cred credited to your Credits App on the Google Play or Apple Store within 24 hours for immediate trade through the App.  If you do not use Android, your contribution will be directly linked to your email address and you will be notified as soon as the Apple Store App is ready.

We will also be developing a windows and mac wallet immediately after the Apple App is live. These Apps will be cross-platform compatible. Funds raised by Credits LLC will be given as a grant towards the development of the Cred Project. Cred will increase in value as Credits LLC earns residual income from its projects to reinvest that money back into improvement of the platform. 10% of the profits from the projects will be donated to charities with humanitarian purposes.


Our Vision

Real Money Never Sleeps


The financial service industry makes the world go ’round. Although the current financial infrastructure goes to sleep every night and takes weekends and holidays off. Credits never sleeps. Credits can be transferred around the world instantaneously. In the immediate future it will be virtually effortless to convert Credits into cash utilizing our intuitive Cryptocurrency Conversion Feature accessible on the Credits app.


We will be developing merchant services software that will be free to use for Internet merchants. The merchants can then accept Credits as a valid payment for products and services. The merchant can then convert Credits into cash through the platform or simply keep the Credits.


Chargebacks are an epidemic worldwide. Credits are chargeback proof due to the digital nature of the virtual asset being verified on the Credits blockchain. It is the sole responsibility of the Credits holder to secure their user information to avoid a potential loss of Credits. This is a good thing for merchants that can verify their credentials. Many good companies hit unforeseeable road blocks in internet commerce due to fraud and chargebacks.


Our Vision Continued


The Credits that you have within the Credits platform will always be linked to your user email address. If you happen to forget the password to your Credits account, you can simply reset your password through the app. You will not be able to recover any Credits that exist outside of the Credits platform if you lose that information.


We will be negotiating with all major cryptocurrency exchanges as soon as funding for the first Crowd Sale Lot is successful. This will allow us time to develop the speed, functionality and security needed to enter the cryptocurrency arena. These exchanges will be given good incentives to list Credits therefore securing the liquidity of the Credits Digital Asset.


Our platform will implement access to Credits in the following order:

All of the aforementioned will be cross-platform compatible allowing ease of access to your Credits.



In 2004, the state of Colorado passed the first voter-led Renewable Energy Standard in the nation, requiring electricity utilities to obtain a percentage of their power from renewable energy sources. The legislature has increased the minimum requirements three times since 2004, spurring the development of hundreds of new renewable energy projects across the state.

We will be focused on renewable energy projects that progressively earn residual income. The first project is a large Solar Farm Project. Expected to be generating 25 megawatts of power being pumped back to the grid and resold to earn tangible U.S. Dollars. This will be located on the outskirts of Denver, CO. These funds will be used to maintain the Cred ecosystem while simultaneously increasing the value of your Credits holdings.

The second project is a large-scale Wind Farm Project expected to produce 40 megawatts of power. This power will also be pumped back to the energy grid in the outskirts of Denver, CO and resold to earn tangible U.S. Dollars. We intend on using the Vestas turbines.

The third project is a large scale Organic Hydroponic Greenhouse Operation. This will also be located just outside of Denver, CO. Our goal is to match consumer prices by producing at scale yet surpassing quality and freshness. Long-term sustainability is our goal with all our agricultural projects. We will start by mass producing the most common vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, eggplant, carrots, potatoes, Etc. This will create a long-term revenue stream for other green projects. 10% of the residual income from the projects will go to charities with humanitarian causes.



As of 2017 there are 2.4 billion smart phone users.
99.6% of smartphones operate on Android or iOS.

By having the Credits App on both Android and iOS we will be able to reach 2.4 billion smart phone users as of 2018. There will be an estimated 6 billion smartphone users in the year 2020.

Cryptocurrency is currently a 450 billion dollar market and has grown more than 1000% in the past year alone.

In the U.S. over $150 billion has been invested in Solar in the past 5 years due to the cost of materials being cut in half. The amount of solar jobs have also doubled in the past 5 years.

The U.S. wind industry has raised nearly $90 billion of private investment into new energy infrastructure over the past 5 years. That equates to roughly $18 billion per year.

When you take into account that all of these industries are expected to at least double in the next 5 years, you are looking at a trillion dollar market.

The global precision agriculture market is expected to generate annual revenue of $7.8 billion by 2022, growing at a rate of 14.9% from 2016 to 2022. Precision agriculture is a farming technique associated with application of different technologies and solutions to enable efficient farming and improve crop yield. It presents significant potential in enhancing food productivity while at the same time providing sustainable management of resources.



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