Update 8/14/18 2018-08-14T13:59:08+00:00

Hi there,

We wanted to thank you for your support, update you and let you know of some recent changes.

We’ve been accepted to a couple exchanges but the catch is they want money to get listed. So we are going to continue our crowd sale via crypto payments only until we reach that mark. It’s around 20k to get listed on a smaller exchange and about 80k to get listed on one of the bigger ones. We are going to run a secondary coin offering at $0.01 per Cred. This will last until we reach our mark or 30 days.

We recently adjusted the total of supply of Cred from 100 billion total supply to a 30 billion total supply. This will of course intrinsically increase the value if you are a current Cred holder. On the website www.credits.energy you can buy Cred via 36 different cryptocurrencies directly through the checkout process. The good news is that we have just over 5,900 users so this project will succeed. Anything anyone can contribute to help get this launched would greatly be appreciated. Together we can make Cred awesome.

-The Credits.Energy Team