The Latest Updates as of 04/18/18

  • The coin has been developed and we’re testing how it mines;
  • The iOS App (version 0.0.30) was just released to the App Store Monday! We have been slowly telling customers about it to ensure it is 100% – a soft release;
  • The web wallet should be day or two away from being released;
  • We have had several Press Releases published in the last couple of weeks on, The Merkle, CyptoNinjas, CCN, SludgeFeed and with more planned weekly;
  • We are getting ready to run several promotions in the form of AirDrops (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and LinkedIn) as well as creating a Bounty Program;
  • We are bringing on 1-2 additional developers and a couple of marketing/advertising advisors as soon as possible.
  • A new Telegram Channel was created on Monday – it will be our first airdrop which will go out later this week CRED Credits.Energy CX
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