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Rick Floyd

cred cryptocurrency Chief Executive Officer

Rick comes to Credits with 25+ years of experience in the IT industry where he contracted as a programmer, project manager, product owner and business analyst.  For most of those years, he was the CEO & President of a small consulting firm where he gained valuable experience as a leader, mentor and decision maker.  He is no stranger to hard work performed under time-sensitive and budget-minded projects.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Mathematics.

To get away from the daily grind, you can find Rick cruising around town on his favorite Harley or wetting a line at his favorite fishing hole.

Jared Wells

cred cryptocurrency Chief Operating Officer

Chief of Operations for National Contractor

Jared has completed multi-million dollar projects for 18 of the top 50 multi-family and commercial real estate management companies in the United States as well as multiple VC and Owner directed projects.

Jared will be involved in the planning and execution of the Solar and Wind Power projects, coordinating with State and Local officials, Environmental Agencies, product suppliers, and local energy partners to ensure the Credits Energy projects are an efficient green energy source that can be upgraded and expanded in perpetuity to maximize YOUR investment and protect OUR environment.

Graduate from 4 year Theological Seminary, National Security Academy and the Police Academy.

Avid investor and Crypto-enthusiast since 2014.

Justin Farmer

cred cryptocurrency Chief Technology Officer

Justin joined the Credits team fresh out of the U.S. Army where he served as a Technology Specialist  His specialties are Network Administration and System Administration, Computer Programming.

Justin’s experience uniquely qualifies him to oversee Performance Tuning, Information Security, and Product Testing for the Credits.Energy infrastructure. As well a performing his task as the Blockchain Developer for the Credits.Energy Initiative!

Mitch Hankins

Blockchain/Software Developer

Blockchain and Application Developer

Mitch grew up in the Netherlands, where he started tinkering with computers and taking everything apart before he could crawl.
He enlisted in the Air Force and subsequently became an Air Traffic Controller.
Since then, he has worked as an independent programmer until joining the Credits Team!
Where a passion of technology, programming, and blockchain fluently came together.
Mitch spends most of his free time programming,
studying new technologies, all while enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoor scenery with his two huskies.

Torin Tostanoski

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Analyst/Coordinator

Torin was born and raised in Colorado Springs with a love for math and science, that led him to a field in Software, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineering.

Torin has been pursuing a computer science degree with complimentary courses completed in Mechanical and Chemical engineering, all while spending the last couple years promoting several marketing companies with a focus of Information Technology.

His dream is to utilize his cumulative gained experience toward designing and building a sustainable world for the future generations.

Bidhan Baral

Android/iOS App Developer

Web designer, UI/UX Design.

Bidhan has a get it done attitude.

We are convinced he can build anything. 

He has successfully added a buy Credits via crypto feature directly into the App.

Our Apple iOS app has just been submitted for review. 2/21/2018

Steven Crider

Sr. Product Analyst

With a degree in Computer Science, Steven has spent his entire career in the Information Technology field managing teams, departments and projects for over 25 years.

Working in a variety of industries, including software development, flavor creation, real estate and retail manufacturing, Steven prides himself on integrity and building trust with customers and colleagues.

Steven will be involved with customer support, marketing and social media campaigns; we are excited for what he brings to the team.


Desiree Biermann

cred cryptocurrency Talent Acquisition Advisor

Desiree has over 8 years experience in Recruiting & Business Development for startups to Fortune 500 companies in all industries.

She specializes in Accounting & Finance, Information Technology and Sales & Marketing.

At TEEMA Solutions Group, Desiree works heavily with tech companies and startups in the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency space and brings with her a strong pipeline of candidates.

Desiree will be involved in the planning, strategy and execution of recruitment as Credits.Energy continues to grow.

Passion for finding top talent.

Strives to provide top notch customer service in everything she does.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication with Marketing minor.

Foundation of integrity and desire to help people and the community.