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How can I exchange my Credits for bitcoin or cash?

After the ICO we will be negotiating with all major cryptocurrency exchanges to add us to their exchanges. You will then be able to import your Credits into your Credits wallet address hosted on that exchange.

From there you will be able to exchange your Credits for bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin.

The next step would be to export your preferred cryptocurrency to a coin to conversion site such as coinbase.com where you can then convert and deposit into cash directly into your bank account.

How do I receive Credits during the ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

During the Pre-ICO you will receive your Credits on the Credits App within 24 hours.

During the ICO you will receive Credits tokens directly to your Ethereum wallet which you can then trade in for the actual CRED cryptocurrency.

How are Credits different from any other cryptocurrency?

Credits are different from most other cryptocurrencies because Credits supports the development of green energy and sustainable projects. Credits is also a multi-functional platform for the Credits cryptocurrency. See our White Paper for more details.

I just sent bitcoin or ethereum to the Credits wallet address, now what?

You must send us an email with the following details before you send BTC or ETH:
The BTC or ETH address you are sending your amount from.
The amount you’re sending.
The email address you would like your Credits registered to.  Then sit back and relax, your account will be credited momentarily.

How can I buy Credits via bankwire?

You must email us with your full legal name and or legal business name. Tell us how many Credits you would like to order in the USD amount. We will email you back with payment instructions as soon as possible. Thank you.

How fast will Credits be to send and receive?

Credits can be sent instantaneously through our Credits network. Once live as a cryptocurrency our target speed is 2 seconds outside of our network.

How do Credits support green energy and sustainable projects?

After the Credits ICO we will sell credits at exchange prices to fund the projects. Credits will not be “dumped” all at once adversely effecting the market prices. No more than 3% of the cost of a project will be sold in one day.

How many Credits will be sold during the ICO?

100 Million Credits will be sold during the ICO. This will give us what we need to perfect our tech and the user friendly experience you will learn to love.

How many Credits will there be total?

30 Billion Credits will be mineable over the course of approximately 10 years.

Credits LLC will register a non-profit that will control 70 Billion Credits. These Credits will be sold directly through the Apps tethered to the market price so as to not disrupt the market. This is how the Green Energy & Sustainable Projects will be funded.

Is 30 billion Credits a lot?

Credits is designed to be a mobile-oriented mineable cryptocurrency. With this in mind 3 billion Credits per year is not that much. You can look at ripple which has 38 billion currently in circulation at over $1 per coin.